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PICOLA is moving to Adobe Connect! After years of testing and development, PICOLA is now ready to move on to a commercial strength platform. The program's basic functions are now included in a range of programs that constitute "PICOLA-Lite" and that are currently used by Carnegie Mellon's Campus Conversations Project.

PICOLA stands for "Public Informed Citizen Online Assembly." This site presents a variation of PICOLA designed specifically for prototype online versions of James Fishkin's Deliberative Poll (R) and By The People "Citizen Deliberations" (MacNeil/Lehrer Productions). The software incorporates multimedia elements designed to assist online structured conversations about issues relevant to local and/or national policy concerns.

The menu items to the right will allow you to gain an overview the software. The "Features" section has downloadable Word documents describing in some detail both the User feature set and the Administrative console. "Current Designs " will take you to a page previewing PICOLA's software in development, including Desktop and Mobile versions. The section on "Early PICOLA" contains screen shots and an 'animated run through' of the software as it was used in a Citizen Deliberation of America's Role in the World (January 24th, 2004). Beta versions of PICOLA have been used in the October 16th Deliberation Day and January 2005 CMU alumni deliberative poll. PICOLA will be integrated into the regional deliberative polls sponsored by the Southwestern Pennsylvania Program for Deliberative Democracy.

PICOLA is being developed at Carnegie Mellon in collaboration with Stanford's Center for Deliberative Democracy. It is funded in part by a grant from the NSF and is supported in part by Macromedia.

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