Welcome to the online Campus Conversation on Public Art policy at Carnegie Mellon.

This "online envelope" will accompany an apirl 11th face-to-face campus deliberative poll and serves to augment and enhance the overall deliberative experience.

The Topic

The Arts play a vital role in campus life. They can also be the source of controversy and debate. This campus conversation will look recent issues arising from Public Art on the campus and seek to ascertain current attitudes toward the works and the processes by which they are selected and maintained.

User Guide and Registration

Download a User Guide describing the features of PICOLA and how to use them.

A registration site has been established that will serve this and future campus conversations.

Live Discussions

For Alumni off-site, there will be three live roundtable discussions. These will be designed to allow Alumni from across the country to participate in the conversation.

Asynchronous Forum

A threaded, online conversation will start immediately after the April 11th deliberation and continue through Monday, April 16th. This will be available to all participants.


Library, Panel, and Survey

The Library area contains background materials and other resources relating to the topic of Public Art Policy.

In the future, we will tape the expert panel discussions and make them available for review and further discussion.

A survey tool will be availabe for online Alumni participants. It will be similar to the pre- and post surveys administered to those on campus.